Citta Eletrônica




Citta Eletrônica started its activities in manufacturing and technology on March 31st, 2006 with the mission to offer its customers a quality alternative to the industrialization of electronic products and design development.

We started our activities by establishing an exclusive partnership to the manufacture area of a world leader in the segment of power systems for telecommunications and industry. Our goals were the manufacture of electronic products to supply the market demand in Latin America, providing technology consulting services and design development.

In 2007 Citta Eletrônica expanded its market operations offering its services to the manufacture of electronic products with PTH technology to other customers.

In 2008, we acquired new machines for manufacturing process and the headquarters as the beginning of a new expansion plan.

In 2009 to supply the demand for products using SMT, it was implanted an automated line with Juki Pick & Place machine and KTI reflow oven. Since this year, Citta Eletrônica has offered to market its consulting services, design development and sales of electronic components.



Our Team

We have a highly qualified team with professionals in engineering, computing, mathematics and design, to meet the needs of our partners. We invest in diversifying our team since our customers have products in several areas.

We have over 25 years of experience in project development and we are always in touch with the best institutions and professionals in Brazil.

Our professionals are constantly training to supply the new technologies of the market, always with the intention to offer full support and quality to our partners.