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The main business of Citta Eletrônica is the manufacture of electronic products, we currently have capacity to manufacture in two technologies: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and PTH (Plated Trough Hole).


We are able to perform the full cycle of electronics manufacturing in all stages, from the purchase of electronic components to the final tests of the product and packaging according to client requirements.


Our goal is just not to provide our customers a complete and quality solution as well as to solve the problems that may occur during the production process by our support. For these tasks we count on strategic research partnerships and educational institutions in several sectors, it gives us a competitive trade conditions and more efficient solutions. Visit our consulting services and technology optimization.




We have flexible business and customized models for the manufacture of electronic products that suit the needs of our clients:


   -Turn-key: In this business model Citta Eletrônica is responsible for the complete product manufacture, from purchase of materials, inventory, planning, import, receiving and sorting, plastic injection, manufacturing, final tests and product package.



   -Consignment: In this business model the customers provide the parts to Citta Eletrônica that manufactures it. After receiving, all the parts are inspected and checked in order to ensure the quality and the process schedule.


   -Customized: In this business model Citta Eletrônica defines together with the client which process steps are better for customer needs.


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Production Capacity




Automated production with high technology and manufacturing capability with Pick & Place machine Samsung SM421FC and reflow oven, it allows high flexibility to assembly different types of components including fine pitch, BGA, QFP and connectors.


   Min. component: 0201 in (0603 mm) ~ 15000 cph

   Max. board dimension: 460x400mm

   PCB thickness: 0.38 - 4.2 mm




Assembly line is sized to large and small orders for different market segments.




   - Mixed Circuits (PTH and SMD)

   - In Circuit Test

   - 100% functional test

   - Conformal coating protection

   - ESD Control


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