Citta Eletrônica


Citta Eletrônica has an extensive experience in technologies for the development of hardware and software designs. Our team includes specialists which have already worked more than 30 years on developing projects and who have contact with educational and research institutions.



Hardware projects


Due to our experience in manufacturing electronic products we can provide product development services according to the needs of our clients to obtain appropriate solutions, efficient production processes and commercially viable.

See the latest success cases developed by Citta.



Software projects


The Citta Eletrônica has professionals with wide experience in software projects for conventional standard PC and web platforms with Windows OS or Unix variant, like Linux, firmware and embedded software for 8 bits to 32 bits microcontrollers and JAVA applications for mobile devices like smart phones and cell phones.

Among the technologies which we work for the development of projects includes the following: Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS, 3G, USB, wired Ethernet network interface, wireless network interface, industrial communication protocols, touch screen, SD card, multimedia technologies and interface for websites, filters and control algorithms.

Our focus on development is the application of the latest technologies along with local solutions to maximize competitiveness on the market.

For turnkey projects, if necessary, we can also include the participation of our partners that work in other areas, like product design and its materials, mold design for plastic injection, etc.





In order to provide quality solutions, Citta Eletrônica has developed partnership programs with technology's leaders. Below is a list of key business partners for designing products.



We are specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.



Success Cases


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